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Add sound effects to your iPhone with free apps

Show off your amazing sounds with free iPhone applications that allow you add allsorts of crazy sounds to your device. Make your friends jump and laugh by using sound effects to get your point across. Fool someone into thinking that it is a real sound with high quality sound effects. Whether you need to mimic an animal or a mechanical sound, we have come up with a few apps that we thought you might enjoy.

Annoying Sounds – Free Sound Effects Boards by iGreenEarth contains over 60 high-quality sound effects to annoy your friends and make you laugh choose from dog whistle to body sounds, turn your volume up, and have some fun. Available through the iTunes App Store this app wants you to send information about what sounds you feel could be added.

Funny Sound Effects X FREE by Victor Ren is a great sound app to play anytime or anywhere. Accessible at the App Store, you can cheer people up with just a sound. Use the laughter sound to applaud a bad joke with this easy to use app. Bring a smile to your face and others with this funny sound effects app.

Crazy Animal Sound Effects by Local Slacks will entertain a child or an adult. Let your little one play crazy animal sounds and keep them occupied for hours. Confuse your own animals and play them to your friends. Fool people into thinking you can make these sounds or that they are real. This application is also available at the App Store.

100+ Sound Effects/Ringtones in one app by Ray Apps is accessible at the App Store. With this great sound effects app, you can have a choice of so many sounds and add them as a ringtone. With everything from a fart to a pig you can have hours of fun going through all the available sound effects till you find the ideal one for your device.

Make the most of different sound effects with free iPhone apps that are also compatible with the iPad and iPod Touch. Have fun fooling people or own the most original ringtone that others will find hilarious. There are many other sound effects applications for you to look at but they are not all free, so why not make the most out of free sound apps.

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Written by Marlon Votta

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