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RCA 37-inch Sound bar RTS7010B reviews for 2016

If you are looking for a cheap sound bar to buy over the holiday season, we have one model for you to consider now with the RCA 37-inch sound bar with the model number RTS7010B.

This sound bar is sold at Walmart and this month you’ll be able to buy it with a massive discount bringing the final price to under $30 which is incredible.

Sound bars are very popular when it comes to enhancing movies and gaming experiences, but will a budget sound bar do the same job as one from say Sony or Samsung?

RCA RTS7010BGE6 specs include Bluetooth 3.0, 100Hz to 20Khz frequency response, 2.0 channel sound and Line-in port. It is obviously very basic in terms of features but then again that is what makes RCA appealing when they offer popular consumer products for the lowest prices on the market.


One observation that we do have to make about this sound bar though, is that it doesn’t come with an audio cable in the box so make sure you have one handy if you plan on connecting this up to other devices.

Further information on this sound bar is available over at RCA’s product listing here. However for those that are interested in making a purchase, we recommend you check out the RCA 37-inch sound bar RTS7010B reviews here over at Walmart.

At the time of writing, this sound bar has a 4.1/5 review rating and the last five user reviews left at Walmart in November 2016 have all been positive so that will be encouraging for you.

Do you have good experience with the RCA brand? We know their tablets are very popular, but would you buy this sound bar as well? Let us know below!



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