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5 gameplay tweaks which would improve BF3 beta gameplay

We now have hours of Battlfield 3 beta experience behind us, therefore we thought give you our two cents on some ways which we think gameplay could be improved – obviously everyone’s opinion on this matter will differ, so read through this article and then leave us a comment stating what you think needs to change before the game’s proper release.

In this brief article we won’t speak about any of the beta’s many bugs, but instead concentrate on minor things which in our opinion would improve the multiplayer experience and perhaps level out weapon balance.

Let’s start with sniper glare, now when we first heard that this would come to BF3 we were delighted and looking forward to how it would affect campers – well we do like the way it gives away an enemy’s position, but the glare seems a bit overkill and gives more advantage to people who use scopes on assault rifles – do you agree?

Whilst talking about snipers we must also re-mention something we raised in this post, it is quite rare that you get a one shot kill with a sniper rifle. Obviously head shots instantly kill your foe, however upper torso shots don’t – which in our opinion is pretty unrealistic.

One of my biggest gripes with the BF3 beta is knifing, now I don’t know if the beta is just very buggy but BF3 goes a bit crazy when you try to knife an opponent, not to mention the knife animation is below par. Here’s what one person over at Reddit had to say about knifing “I’ve had my knife out and despite clicking several times my character does nothing. I stand there helpless as the guy in front of me spins around and shoots me” – do you think this aspect of the game needs an overhaul?

In BF3 you can add laser lights and flash lights to your guns, these assist your aim and cause a massive distraction to the enemy – which can be very effective, but we sometimes think the laser sights etc are a little too good, also flashlights should not blind the enemy in daylight. We would like to see the effectiveness of these lights toned down a little, especially in bright areas – we are sure some of you won’t be happy with this!

Finally one minor thing which we think needs some subtle adjustment is how fast people can run when you choose “Sprint” as your specialization – we don’t think it is ridiculously quick, but perhaps edging on unrealistic – again we know that some of you will disagree with this, so we are open to your opinions – leave them in the comments section below.

Do you agree with anything which we have said?

If you check out Reddit you can see lots more opinions on BF3 beta gameplay.

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Written by Jamie Pert

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