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3D printer creates toothbrush

It is amazing what 3D printers are starting to achieve and news that a 3D printer has now made a toothbrush gives us reason to believe these machines are starting to show signs of greatness. Apparently, the toothbrush in question can clean your teeth in around 6 seconds.

According to the company, Blizzident, the same job done with a regular toothbrush can take anywhere up to three minute which is generally the amount of time a dentist feels you should brush for, and while we are encouraged to do this at least a couple of times a day this could knock valuable time off over the course of years.

In an interesting article on Mashable they show a video explaining the new toothbrush, which goes on for about the recommended time it takes to do a thorough cleaning job on your gnashers. The new 3D-printed toothbrush is reminiscent of the mouth guard style and this is lined with around 600 bristles, therefore, once you bite down on this and grind your teeth on the bristles, it is said that this will clean all of your teeth simultaneously.

It seems the designer’s intention was to make brushing your teeth as simple as biting into an apple and Chris Martin, a Blizzident spokesman talks about ordering one of these custom-fit brushes from your dentists, as they can take an impression of your teeth and send this to Blizzident to get the team working on producing your custom made toothbrush.

Apparently, the printing and manufacturing side can take around 12 weeks, although with the advances in technology concerning 3D printers this process will get quicker. The high precision machines they use are said to be able to produce totally smooth objects, as opposed to the rough surfaces that have been reported on other 3D printers.

While we hit on this being a decent time saving device, the company are more concerned with providing a technique to rival your local dentists, and ensure that those visits are not as common in the first place.

At $300 your first Blizzident toothbrush is quite pricey, and this does not involve dentist costs for the impressions, although the brush is said to last a year and replacements will cost around $159. While those sending it back to the company will only pay $89 for Blizzident to replace and disinfect the bristles and brush. The aforementioned site provides a link for those wanting to place orders online.

This brings us to another recent article which discussed news of a NASA 3D printer in space next year, as the introduction of 3D printers in space could be a big money saving exercise for producing and manufacturing spare parts in zero gravity. In addition, this will also save on those frequent resupply missions.

Are you starting to feel more confident in 3D printers? If they are contemplating the use of 3D printers in space we are sure this technology is coming on in leaps and bounds.

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