3D practicality: Cinema Vs living room

I cannot see all the fuss with 3D, because I am part of a small percentage of people who are unable to see the technology in all its beauty. The common term is called stereo blind, after trying to watch a movie I am left with a bad neck and a headache. However, you do not need to be stereo blind to suffer from those pains. This leads us into something that has been on our mind for some time now, where would you rather watch a 3D movie, at the cinema or at home in your living room?

A recent study has been looking into a fatiguing issue when watching 3D, something that can become uncomfortable when at your local movie theater. Those who took part in the test found that they would feel more fatigued and suffered from eyestrain when viewing a 3D movie from a further distance away. This means that those watching it at the cinema will feel far more uncomfortable.

When the participants were much closer the comfort was much less to hardly at all. Also for those sitting nearer were able to appreciate the technology more, as what was being displayed would pop out at you much more. The study was conducted so that the likes of Sony and Samsung can learn form this and make their technology even better.

Let’s face it, Samsung will not want to sell you a product that will make you fell sick or hurt your eyes now well they? Different TV makers use different 3D technology, so some will be more comfortable to view than others, although the study did not go into specifics about which brand performed best. However, those who felt more comfortable in the cinema watched certain content then complained that it made them feel uncomfortable at home.

This means that cinemas and TV makers need to decide what sort of content pops out at the viewer, and by how much. If you have too much to concentrate on that is when things get a little uncomfortable.

There are many consumers who still believe that 3D is a novelty and will not be on the market for long. There is a good argument for this, and it is not the fault of the technology, but rather our brain, as it was never made to try and decipher such information. We recently discussed how almost 50 percent those who have the 3D technology in their homes have decided not to use it.

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