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Call of Duty 2019 game teased by Infinity War

It looks like Infinity Ward may be about to drop some very exciting news soon with regards to the highly anticipated reveal of Call of Duty 2019.

While many of you are probably still enjoying Black Ops 4, you should be reminded that Infinity Ward is back on duty for the next game and judging by some activity on Twitter, it looks like the teases for the new title have already begun.

Infinity Ward’s Senior Communications Manager Aston Williams has left the following video which has started to get fans speculating that this year’s game could be related to Call of Duty Ghosts.

Nothing is certain yet though but the teases seem to be coming every day so keep an eye on that account and we could have some answers by next week.

If you are a hardcore Call of Duty fan, let us know your thoughts on the next game and if you hope it has some connection to Ghosts or not.



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