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Battlefield 5 Royale mode isn’t by DICE says EA

We have some interesting news to bring you now, following on from the surprise ‘Royale’ teaser that accompanied the GameCom trailer for Battlefield 5 recently.

Now it has been confirmed by EA on social media that the upcoming mode will not be developed by DICE. We know that Royale won’t be shipping with the game on October 19 and now it looks like another studio entirely outside of DICE will be making that part of the game.

The information was disclosed on Reddit as you can see below, when an EA Community Manager responded when a Reddit user insinuated that Royale was the reason new Star Wars Battlefront 2 content was slowed down.

It’s the first time we have heard this news and now gamers are naturally wondering which studio will be making the mode that will compete with Fortnite, PUBG and Black Ops 4 Blackout.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, we have a feeling that DICE and EA will have to answer it soon as it could have a detrimental effect to pre-orders if they keep it a secret.

What is your reaction to this – is it a good thing or a bad thing in your opinion?



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