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500 Million PS4 Pro stock problems hit UK pre-orders

The 500 Million PS4 Pro Limited Edition console is now available to pre-order in the UK, but we can see that many customers are having problems trying to achieve this.

August 14 is the official pre-order date for the console which will ship officially on August 24. Sony has made pre-orders available since 10am, but selected retailers such as Amazon and GAME are either sold out already or having huge problems actually displaying the website for customers to buy.

If you try to buy the 500 Million PS4 Pro from Amazon UK, you will see a ‘Page not Found’ error on their listing. It is a similar situation when you try to locate 500 Million PS4 Pro stock from GAME, ShopTo and Smyths.

Zavvi was also initially offering the 500 Million PS4 Pro, but sadly they are out of stock too. The frustration among buyers will be that some retailers were offering pre-orders ahead of the 10am event time, meaning that some didn’t even have a chance to buy before it was sold out in minutes.

We will keep you updated when stock returns, but our only suggestion right now is to keep trying the links above to see if more units become available.

Did you have huge problems today trying to get one of these rare consoles? Give us your experience below.



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