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New Horror game teased by Namco Bandai

If you are a fan of horror games, you may want to keep an eye on Namco Bandai this week, as the developer has begun to tease a mystery new horror game related to zombies.

There has now been a mysterious website set up for the game, which you can check out here and relates to something known as ‘domas-scene01’.

Perhaps more importantly, the clip embedded on the website doesn’t actually play anything so you can only see the teaser of the house or mansion in which the scene takes place.

There is however a date of August 30, 2018 attached to the video so we are guessing that this is when Namco Bandai might reveal the game officially.

Judging from the teaser image, this could be a very scary game knowing Namco Bandai so we’ll keep our eye on developments and post and update if any more information is revealed.

What are your thoughts on a new horror game from the developer?



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