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Apple banning apps unfairly for gambling reasons say developers

There has been reports of Apple starting to ban certain apps from the App Store without warning due to what they company have called efforts to facilitate or promote gambling.

Several apps have already been banned over this and many the developers have complained that their apps are being removed unfairly after having no relation to gambling whatsoever.

They include Niall Watchorn’s Xbox game sharing app which was removed in the purge, as was Polish magazine app iMagazine.Pl. There have been countless other apps affected by this and some developers are speculating that Apple may have removed the apps in error after quickly reinstating them after being challenged.

Apple has not released any official statement regarding this so far, but judging by the rate of complaints coming in on social media about unfair bans, it is definitely worth taking your cause up directly with Apple if your App has been caught up in this.

Should Apple answer for the removals of apps which have caused hassle and grief to the developers, not to mention their respective audiences? Let us know your thoughts on this.



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