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Rockstar unveils Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay today

It is a massive day for gamers today, with Rockstar set to unveil Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay for the very first time.

Previously we have only seen teaser trailers with no actual gameplay, but now that will change as we build up to the game’s launch on October 26.

Rockstar has sent out the message that the gameplay will happen today, August 9 at 11am Eastern Time. This means 8am Pacific Time and 4PM for those of you in the UK, 5PM for European regions.

We have no idea what to expect from the gameplay, as Rockstar has remained completely silent on what we are going to see other than to let everyone know it’s happening.

We could be looking at one of the contenders for game of 2018, so there’s a lot riding on Rockstar to deliver another stunning game.

We’re not sure about you, but we hope that the gameplay trailer also gives us a first look at RDR2 online as Take Two’s CEO recently teased that the online portion will offer an ‘extraordinary experience’ for players.

Are you pumped up for the gameplay tease? Come back at the times above to watch the trailer live.



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