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Nintendo unveils Simon Belmont, King K Rool for Smash Bros

We have some fantastic news for Smash Bros fans now, as Nintendo has just unveiled some big surprises during the Nintendo Direct event hosted this week.

Focusing on two of the biggest reveals we saw, it has now been confirmed that both Simon Belmont from the Castlevania series, as well as the iconic King K Tool from Donkey Kong Country will both be added to the roster as playable characters.

Nintendo has released teaser trailers for both and we can see already judging from social media reaction that a lot of you are extremely happy about both reveals.

We’ve added both of the trailers in full above, while if you need to see the whole Direct event again, Nintendo has a replay of it which we’ve included at the bottom of this post.

Smash Bros Ultimate is shaping up to be a must buy for Switch owners, especially with the confirmation of over 100 stages this time around compared to previous games.

What is your reaction to Simon Belmont and King K Rool being added to the roster this year?



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