Developer achieves first Apple Watch jailbreak

There has been some surprising news over the weekend with reports of the world’s first jailbreak for the Apple Watch having been revealed.

Developer Tihmstar is the person responsible for the feat which has been named as JelbreakTime and he has said that the jailbreak is compatible with both watchOS 4.1 and Apple Watch Series 3.

According to Tihmstar, he has no plans to update it in the future and is purely for developmental reasons. It includes read and write root access and lots of other exciting possibilities which developers can access here.

In terms of what this jailbreak does for the general public – not a lot. It could lead to the availability of custom face plates for those who are interested but for now this seems like a breakthrough simply for enthusiastic developers out there.

Apple won’t be happy regardless, so let us know your thoughts on the Apple Watch being finally jailbroken.



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