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iPhone X Plus landscape mode revealed within iOS 12

It looks like we have another iPhone X Plus feature confirmed early before September’s event, thanks to another big discovery within iOS 12.

The clever guys over at Brazilian website iHelpBR have found out that Apple has plans to offer full landscape support for certain apps on the larger iPhone X Plus.

The upcoming device will have a 6.5-inch display and thanks to some trickery involving Xcode 10 and an iOS simulator, iPhone X Plus users will be able to make the most of the extra real estate available on the bigger display with some apps offering more information on the screen, which wouldn’t be possible on the standard iPhone X.

The screenshots supplied by iHelpBR shows how this is going to work, with the Messages and Calendar apps able to display much more information on the 6.5-inch iPhone X compared to the current model.

This means that for certain apps, you will be able to enjoy an iPad-like experience and it can only be a good thing for those that plan to use their iPhone X Plus for more business-minded tasks.

Does this feature appeal to you?



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