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Pokemon Go Raikou Field Research event now live

We have a quick heads-up to say that Niantic has now delivered the next major event in Pokemon Go, with the Raikou field research event now live and available to play.

Raikou is one of the three legendary dogs from Pokemon Gold and Silver and is the electric type – perfect for those struggling against flying and water types recently.

As with the last field research event, Raikou is a breakthrough reward so you will need to work your way through the research tasks, earning stamps as you go along.

When you have a complete set of stamps, you will have a chance of encountering Raikou so make sure you are prepared. We’ve seen a lot of players encounter Snorlax instead and wondering if it is a bug or not, but keep trying as you have the whole of this month to get hold of Raikou.

For those that saved up stamps from the last event, you can obtain Raikou earlier and won’t have to wait a week so let us know if you have already managed to get yours.



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