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iPhone X Plus gets clearest pictures yet plus first video

Details on Apple’s upcoming iPhone refresh continue to leak out this week, with fresh pictures of the iPhone X Plus now potentially giving buyers their clearest look yet at the next iPhone which is due to be revealed in September.

Last week we showed you some images from leaker Ben Geskin, revealing that the larger 6.5-inch iPhone would be sporting a stainless steel casing around the edges. The 6.1-inch LCD in comparison would use aluminium around the edges as a cost-saving measure.

Now, more pictures have arrived from the same source, showing a clear look at the two devices, the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone on the left and the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus on the right- note the clear differences with camera sensors between the two.

Many excited iPhone lovers have been asking why there hasn’t been any leaks showing the front of the new iPhone X Plus, but now we could have that too thanks to a video that has been supplied by TigerMobiles.

The video shows alleged dummy units of the same 6.1-inch LCD and 6.5-inch OLED iPhones, giving a quick glance at both the front and back of the models.

With the sheer scale of the leaks coming out, we would be very surprised to see a different iPhone X Plus design at this point, so until we hear otherwise, this is what the next set of iPhones are going to look like.

Have you already made up your mind on whether to upgrade or not? Let us know your thoughts in our comments section below.



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