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Blizzard reveals Wrecking Ball’s release date for Overwatch

After weeks of teasing their new hero, Blizzard has now gone ahead and given fans what they want this week – a confirmed release date for Wrecking Ball in Overwatch.

Wrecking Ball is going to be a hamster with serious attitude and now we know that he will be playable for everyone in an Overwatch update scheduled for July 24.

You can check out a final teaser confirming this in the Tweet below which was posted by the developer just hours ago.

Based on the reveals so far for Wrecking Ball, he is going to be packing serious firepower as we have already seen his turrets in action and who knows what else he is storing inside that mechanical ball.

As we wait for next week’s reveal, let us know your expectations of Wrecking Ball and how you like to see Wrecking Ball introduced in the current meta.



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