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Apple’s next iPhone could come in six colors including gold

Some exciting news to tell you about now, as Apple analysts are again predicting some specific plans that Apple has in store for the next iPhone refresh, this time in relation to color variants available.

It’s no secret that the gold iPhone remains the most popular color among buyers and according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the 2018 iPhone X will be offered in gold this year.

Apple originally offered the iPhone X in two colors only which were Space Grey and Silver, but now there could be plans to offer as many as six different colors of the next iPhone, which comprise of the 6.5-inch iPhone X and also the 6.1 iPhone with an LCD-based display which is also thought to be on the way.

If true, it means that you’ll be able to select from Gold, Red, Orange, Blue, White and Grey which is very exciting indeed.

While everyone will be racing to get hold of the Gold variant, we have a feeling that a Blue iPhone will be extremely popular as well so we will be watching this rumor closely in the coming weeks for further details.

What would be your color of choice if you are planning on buying the next iPhone?

[iPhone color concept by 9to5mac]



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