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Nintendo unveils Minecraft Creeper Edition New Nintendo 2DS

Minecraft lovers are going to be even happier now, with Nintendo having just announced a very special and rather stylish New Nintendo 2DS console with an exclusive Minecraft design.

It’s going to be available in the coming weeks as the Minecraft Creeper Edition and it will first go on sale in Japan with the official console having been revealed as below.

The package includes a copy of Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition, which is comparable to the Pocket Edition of Minecraft but comes with exclusive features not seen in that version, such as a larger world size and unique Blocks and Items.

At the moment, it has only been confirmed for Japan so we’ll have to wait and see if the USA and Europe get an official release – if not, importing may be an option if you simply need to get your hands on one.

It’s also worth noting that this new Minecraft release from Nintendo means that there’s no sign of the healthy relationship between Microsoft who owns Minecraft developer Mojang and Nintendo, stopping any time soon which is great for fans of cross platform support.

Are you eager to buy this new Creeper Edition once it becomes available in your country?



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