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Final Fantasy 7 Remake announced too early say Square-Enix

Square-Enix has now conceded that they announced Final Fantasy 7 Remake ‘too early’, after the game was first announced back in 2015 to universal hysteria.

Since that time, we have seen very little of the game and now game director Tetsuya Nomura has said in a new interview that the reasons for revealing when they did was to avoid rumors or leaks spilling out ahead of the announcement.

Given the reaction to the game at E3 2015, we are glad they announced it when they did but at the same time it’s not easy for gamers to exercise patience when they have seen Final Fantasy 7 Remake come and go with three no-shows at E3 over the span of three years.

Is the pressure now on for Square-Enix to give fans something to hold on, before the end of 2018? The saving grace is that Square-Enix know that they can’t afford to cut any corners with the remake, given the legacy of the game and the fact that Final Fantasy 7 remains one of the greatest games in the history of video games.

How do you feel about this, do you understand the pressure that Square-Enix are under to get it right and don’t mind waiting for as long as it takes before the next reveal?



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