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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may have huge amount of storage

We are still waiting for Samsung to officially announce the Galaxy Note 9 to the world, an event which is expected to happen at the start of August.

Before that though, there is talk on how Samsung may be thinking of going big in terms of internal storage on the Galaxy Note 9.

Leaks are appearing suggesting that the Galaxy Note 9 will ship with a staggering 512GB of internal storage. You can see evidence of this for yourself thanks to the screenshot below shared by SamMobile.

Many of you are already very happy with 256GB of storage to play around with, but what on earth would you do with 512GB which is four to five times the amount of storage that the average laptop ships with.

Nothing is official yet of course, but these are exciting developments if true and it would certainly put the Galaxy Note 9 in a niche category and offer a nice alternative to other flagships which can’t come close to Samsung in matching a 512GB benchmark.

Would you buy the Galaxy Note 9 ahead of rival devices if it could boast a magical 512GB of storage?



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