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Next Xbox console will boast faster load times, higher frame rates

There is more talk on the future of Xbox now, after Microsoft gave an exciting teaser at the end of E3 2018 by revealing that their hardware team is already at work on the next generation console.

This week, Xbox’s Phil Spencer has given an interview with Giant Bomb in where he has given a few extra hints on what areas of improvement they are targeting with the next Xbox.

It is exciting news too for fans as he has said that two key areas will be higher frame rates for games, as well as improving on slow load times across games and how long the system itself takes to install a game before you can play.

He used the PC as a reference point on how far behind consoles are on both aspects and if Microsoft can get 60FPS across every single future Xbox game as well as improve on loading times on the console then it is going to be a very exciting prospect indeed.

Microsoft are certainly wasting no time in building up the hype train for the next Xbox, while Sony are being rather quiet as of now.

Are you excited about the next generation console? Leave your thoughts below.



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