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Apple’s 2019 iPhone may make surprise switch to USB-C

Apple are busy at work on bringing exciting features to this year’s iPhone refresh which is expected in September, but now there are reports that one 2019 iPhone feature is already set in stone.

According to a new report from publication Digitimes, Apple will be adopting the USB-C standard for their upcoming iPhone.

At the moment, the current slew of iPhones use the Lightning connector which replaced the original 30-pin proprietary design. Now though, Apple could be planning to join the latest trend and switch to USB-C, which many high-end Android devices all make use of.

It’s no secret that this change has been on the cards for a while and Apple openly sells Lightning to USB-C cables on the Apple Store, so it’s not a question of Apple being against the technology being included for the iPhone.

Whether that happens in time for the 2019 iPhone refresh though is another question and it will be interesting to see if Apple gives any hints about USB-C inclusion at this year’s iPhone event later this year.

Would this be a moment to savour for you, the day Apple shifts to an industry-wide standard of USB-C as opposed to new proprietary cables?



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