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Elder Scrolls 6 announced at E3 with trailer

The moment fans have been waiting for has arrived. At Bethesda’s E3 event, the company finally announced Elder Scrolls 6 and along with it, a teaser trailer for everyone to enjoy.

Bethesda waited until the very end of their E3 event to drop the bombshell, but sadly it will be a long wait until the game is actually ready to release.

The teaser trailer didn’t actually show anything, meaning that this is probably just the start and a few years wait might be a reality before you actually get to play Elder Scrolls 6.

Is it going to be connected to Skyrim, or a brand new story? Either way we can’t wait to play this and we’re sure Bethesda will be taking their time on it.

Imagine a new Elder Scrolls game running on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X – it really is mouth-watering stuff. For those that are interested, Skyrim was announced in December 2010 and released in November 2011 so a year’s wait at a very minimum should be expected for Elder Scrolls 6.

Enjoy the trailer above and give us your reaction to the news. Is this the day you have been waiting for?



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