Amazon’s new Echo Look speaker gives you fashion advice

Amazon has just announced the availability of their new speaker, the Echo Look which combines a traditional Echo speaker with brand new technology that can give you fashion advice on your wardrobe and recommend clothes to buy from Amazon.

A new built-in hands-free depth-sensing camera makes this all possible on the new device, while powerful machine learning algorithms on top of advice from fashion specialists that make up the assistant part of Alexa.

With Echo Look, you’ll now be able to use Alexa to help you choose between two outfits, simply by having the camera take a photo of two outfits and getting a quick response from Alexa based on current fashion trends and even giving you reasons why a particular outfit is good for you.

The technology has been on trial for a year with an invite-only setup, but now Amazon are making it freely available to everyone for the first time.

If you are interested in trying it out, it is available now for $199.99 but only ships in the US it seems for the moment.

Is this something you can fit into your daily lifestyle?



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