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Apple’s new WatchOS 5 comes with Walkie Talkie app

One of the most exciting announcements at WWDC this week, was the unveiling of a brand new feature for the Apple Watch that is exclusive to the new WatchOS 5 software that the company also revealed at the event in San Jose.

That feature is called Walkie Talkie and it’s a new app that will let Apple Watch users running WatchOS 5, send quick voice messages to each other.

Push-to-Talk messages can be sent through WiFi as well as 4G and at WWDC, Apple gave a quick demonstration on how it works much to the delight of the audience – we’ve added a clip below for those who want to see it.

As we highlighted above, you’ll need WatchOS 5 to enjoy this feature and sadly Apple also confirmed at the event that the first generation Apple Watch won’t be upgraded to WatchOS 5 so you’ll be missing out on the new Walkie Talkie app.

For everyone else though, this app could be a game changer for the device and it will definitely provide an interesting new twist on speaking to family and friends this way, rather than a full voice call which you don’t always have time to make.

Are you excited about using this app? Look out for WatchOS 5 this Fall.



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