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Samsung are finally releasing a Gold Galaxy S9, S9+

Will it be available in your country though?

It looks like Samsung are continuing their assault of getting the Galaxy S9 and S9+ into the hands of many users as possible, by finally introducing a Gold color variant for anyone that wants to add a touch of style to their phone.

It wasn’t long that we told you about Samsung’s plans to offer an exclusive Burgundy Red Galaxy S9 option for those buying from China and now Samsung has just gone official with the Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9 and S9+.

It is going to be available this June and it means that there will now be a total of six different Galaxy S9 colors to choose from joining the Midnight Black, Titanium Grey, Lilac Purple n Coral Blue versions.

As seen in the press release that we have just read, the Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9 will be available in select markets to start with and these will be Hong Kong, Chile, Germany, Australia, Korea, Russia, Spain, Mexico, Taiwan, Vietnam and the United Arab Emirates.

Don’t worry if you are panicking about the UK and US not being on the list as there are rumors that Samsung plans to release the Gold version in these regions too, so you may just need to wait a little longer.

There’s no denying that the Gold version adds a touch of class to the Galaxy S9 so let us know if you are now going to be saving your money to get this in June.



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