Steam Summer Sale 2018 release date revealed

We have some good news for those who are looking forward to the next big Steam sale, as it looks like once again the highly anticipated Steam Summer Sale 2018 start date has been leaked in advance.

According to a Tweet from the Steam Database, the Steam Summer Sale will start on June 21 and should run for just under two weeks, ending on July 14.

For those that are not aware, the Steam Summer Sale is one of the biggest sales that the platform has to offer so if you have been saving up your money on a particular game that you want, there’s a good chance that it will be featured.

We won’t be getting an official confirmation from Valve anytime soon as these leaks have become second nature by now, so unless anything changes in the coming weeks – June 21 is the date to save in your diary.

What games will you be looking to buy from the Summer Sale? Leave your top 3 wishlists below in our comments section!



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