God of War 1.13 update changes with 1.14 preview

There has been yet another God of War update this week, this coming days after Sony Santa Monica Studios released patches 1.11 and 1.12 over the weekend.

Now we can confirm that God of War update 1.13 is now live and available to download, with gamers probably wondering what is going on with all of the quick updates and if there is going to be any more before the week is up.

We can tell you that 1.13 is another short patch, with the God of War 1.13 patch notes just revealing that there are new ‘bug fixes and improvements’ to take into account.

The bigger news is that a bigger patch is on the way soon and that it will be adding Photo Mode into the game.

Let’s hope that this arrives with patch 1.14 as players will agree that a new patch every day is starting to get a little tiresome for those that just want to sit down and play.



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