Night Trap gameplay before Nintendo Switch release

In one of the most unexpected Nintendo releases in gaming history it has to be said, Night Trap for Nintendo Switch is going to be a reality and will be available to buy this Summer.

We say unexpected, as Night Trap originally launched in 1992 on the Sega Mega CD and at the time was the subject of video game violence having been brought up by the United States Senate committee.

As a result, Nintendo of America senior vice president Howard Lincoln told this Senate committee in 1992 that Night Trap would “never be released” on a Nintendo console.

How times and society change though and thanks to Limited Run Games it will be available both digitally and physically this Summer.

The 25th Anniversary Edition of the game is already out on PS4 and Steam and if you want to see how the unique gameplay works before it arrives on Switch, check out the footage below.

Is this the most unlike Nintendo game you have ever seen which will soon be arriving on your console? Leave your thoughts below.



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