God of War PS4 review roundup with perfect scores

God of War is now out and if you are a gamer who first needs to read a collection of reviews before making your decision on whether to buy or not, here is a brief God of War PS4 review roundup for you.

We knew the game was looking amazing from early previews and now the critics have seemed to confirm that God of War is a game that you don’t want to miss out on.

The reviews have gone live and are all available for reading over at Metacritic, revealing that there are numerous perfect scores for the new game from the Santa Monica Studios team.

Picking out some of the reviews, we can see that IGN have given the game a 10/10, calling it “nothing short of a masterpiece” and “by far the greatest game in the series.”

There’s also another perfect review from Polygon to read and an 9.8/10 from Game Informer if you want some other opinions from different critics.

Head to Metacritic to read as many reviews as you can take in and let us know if you will now go out and buy the game. If you need a good price, you can buy the game for £46 here.



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