Kingdom Hearts 3 Mini Games preview in new trailer

By Alan Ng - Apr 17, 2018

As we all wait for the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date to arrive in 2018, we have a treat for fans now with a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer that gives a great preview of some of the fun mini-games that you’ll be able to play within.

Square-Enix has released a new teaser and it reveals that players will have at least five retro style mini-games to play within Kingdom Hearts 3 whenever you feel like taking a detour from the main story campaign.

If you ever remember the old Nintendo Game & Watch series of games from the 1980s, we can see that Square-Enix has taken big inspiration from them as you will see in the screenshots that we have for you here.

We’re guessing that all of these games will have leaderboards for those that want to be competitive, while some or all may even unlock in-game items as well to make it really worthwhile your time.

Enjoy the screenshots and check out the trailer below to see the mini games in action. There is still no confirmed release date for KH3, but all signs point to a reveal at E3 2018.

Give your thoughts on these mini-games below.

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