Fortnite 3.3 update with full patch notes for PS4, Xbox One

Following on from the excitement regarding rapper Drake playing Fortnite this week, we are now happy to confirm that the next major Fortnite update is live with the Fortnite 3.3 patch notes now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Remote Explosives have arrived with Fornite update 3.3 and it is the main highlight of the patch as you can see from the preview video below.

Another notable additions include the Supply Llama into Battle Royale, Luck of the Storm Questline in Save the World, Shamrock Reclaimer Outlander in Save the World and the usual bug fixes on top.

Epic Games is once again focusing on Battle Royale though and there are plenty of new weapon tweaks and gameplay improvements which you can read through in full here.

Check out the patch notes and let us know your thoughts on patch 3.3. Is Epic Games doing a great job on Fortnite in your opinion or do you have ideas in which they can make the game even better?



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