Drake plays Fortnite in crazy Twitch stream replay

It is the gaming news that everyone is talking about at the moment, with Drake playing Fortnite ending up as a worldwide trend across all of social media overnight.

The rapper decided to team up with Twitch streamer Ninja and also NFL player Juju Smith Schuster and fellow rapper Travis Scott for an unforgettable night of action.

The good news for you is that it was all captured on Ninja’s Twitch channel and actually broke a Twitch record in the process by having over half a million viewers tuned into the live stream at once.

Now you can watch it back for yourself and see what everyone is talking about as the full replay of Drake playing Fortnite gameplay can be seen below.

For those that are interested to know, Drake’s PSN ID has now been revealed as TheBoyDuddus, while Juju is playing under Fazejuju_19 and Travis Scott as Cactus_jackk92.

We should also point out that some of the players are on PC, while Drake is on PS4 thanks to the amazing PS4-PC cross platform support that Fortnite offers – making magic moments like this possible in the first place.

What is your reaction to Drake playing Fortnite? We imagine he’s going to be bombarded with millions of friend requests so good luck if he adds you for the next session!



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