Destiny 1.1.4 update release date with Crucible patch notes

Another major Destiny 2 update is on the way and the good news for you is that Bungie has already given players a great preview of what to expect.

The next Destiny 2 update is all about the Crucible and we can tell you that the release date for Destiny 2 update 1.1.4 has been confirmed for March 27.

Bungie has released the Destiny 2 1.1.4 patch notes nice and early for you and they are as follows below:

When 1.1.4 is live, Iron Banner will be back and 6v6 playlists will be possible so there are big changes this time around.

Bungie is also buffering several weapon types, including Pulse Rifles and Scout Rifles – read about the weapon changes here.

What are your thoughts on the changes to Iron Banner with 1.1.4, happy with them or not?



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