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Fortnite iOS supported iPhone, iPad list

In a shocking announcement from Epic Games, it has been revealed that Fortnite is on the way to mobile devices! It will be coming to iOS first with cross platform play with PS4 users and we have a heads-up for you on what devices will be able to run the game.

This has taken many gamers by surprise as you would expect, particularly since Epic Games committed to saying that Fortnite on mobile will be the same version as what PS4 players get – meaning 100-player PVP battles with Battle Royale.

A deal with Sony has made cross platform play with PS4 possible and here is what you will need to play the game on mobile for iOS.

Fortnite iOS supported iPhone and iPad list:

  •  iPhone 6S
  •  iPhone SE
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air 2
  • Any iPad 2017 model
  • iOS 11 and above

This is the minimum device list to run the game, meaning that iPhone 6 users won’t be able to run the game but obviously all iPhones newer than the 6S will run the game with no problems.

Unfortunately, the Android version of Fortnite will be released several ‘months’ later, we’re guessing this is due to the deal made with Sony again.

Once Fortnite for Android is out though, it should mean that Xbox owners can play together with Android in the same way PS4 users will be able to play with iOS versions.

Are you stunned that Fortnite has been converted to mobile? Let us know if you will be playing on mobile to try it out. The first trials on iOS will start soon with sign-ups beginning on Monday March 12, invites to be sent out by Epic Games.



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