The Division 2 confirmed, unlock bonuses by playing D1

Ubisoft has just confirmed that they are working on The Division 2! This announcement has seemingly come out of nowhere and has been a low key reveal with no trailer or additional news backing up the bombshell.

Unfortunately, that is the only information given out by Ubisoft other than the fact that further information on The Division 2 news will be revealed at E3 2018 in June.

The news on the game was initially revealed ahead of schedule in a press release, prompting Ubisoft to confirm it for everyone just hours ago.

Here is a segment of Ubisoft’s official statement, which also reveals that you will be able to earn bonuses for The Division 2 by completing upcoming achievements in Division 1 called Shields.

After some well documented launch problems, it’s no secret that The Division remains incredibly popular and Ubisoft promises that the next one is going to be a brand new game from the ground up which is even more detailed than the first.

What is your reaction to another game, will you buy it on day one after enjoying the first? Give us your thoughts and expectations below.



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