iPhone 6s Battery Replacement before Vs after

There is still a lot of uproar at the moment among iPhone owners who are waiting for their iPhone battery replacement after discovering that their current iPhone has inexplicably slowed down.

Apple has been busy keeping on top of all of the battery orders with the discounted program and now for those that want to see the differences before and after the replacement on an iPhone 6S, new video analysis now shows you this for the first time and in detail.

The video below comes courtesy of Bennett Sorbo and you’ll see all kinds of testing in the video with the same apps being opened on the same iPhone, before and after the battery replacement.

Perhaps most revealing at all, is the benchmark score at the end of the clip which shows a significant difference on the iPhone that has just had a new battery fitted.

Check out the clip below and let us know your thoughts on this. Are you still waiting for your replacement battery from Apple?



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