Switch to iPhone X rather than Galaxy S9 say Apple

Apple has picked a sinister time to play devil’s advocate, by trying to convince all Android owners to choose iPhone over the latest Android devices such as the Galaxy S9.

It has literally only been hours since Samsung finished officially unveiling the Galaxy S9 to the world, but now Apple has released a series of short clips explaining why you should move to iPhone over Android.

You can check out every clip below, with Apple throwing out a few taunts such as iPhone being more secure, more environmentally friendly, and perhaps more importantly – much quicker in delivering updates to customers.

If you want to take Apple’s advice and switch to iPhone from Android, all of the company’s videos direct you to this Apple switch website where you will find even more information on the switchover.

What do you think of the timing of Apple’s videos coinciding with the Galaxy S9 reveal – a low blow or fair game?



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