Xbox One X 1440p support coming before PS4 Pro

Xbox One X owners are going to be in for a treat this year, as it looks like Microsoft are almost ready to give the green light to the planned Xbox One X 1440p support which we know many of you have been waiting for.

This is massive news for those that have invested in a 1440p monitor and want to see the benefits in gaming that this resolution can bring compared to the 1080p standard.

According to a Tweet from Xbox Partner Group Program Manger Kevin Gamill, those with access to the Xbox Insider program will be getting an update soon with support for 1440p gaming on Xbox One X.

Simply put, if you currently play your Xbox One X games on a 1440p supported monitor, your games are about to look four times better as currently your games will be running on a lower resolution.

For PS4 Pro owners, 1440p support is not available for games natively as the console only supports TV standards, so 1080p or 4K is all that is possible – at the moment.

Will this move by Microsoft force Sony to change their plans with 1440p gaming? Let us know your thoughts on this below.



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