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PS4 Firmware 5.50 update feature list preview

As we told you recently, the PS4 firmware 5.50 beta has arrived and this week we can see that it has officially started rolling out.

To all those who are sad they didn’t get into testing though, Sony has released a list of features as a perfect preview before the real update goes live.

There is no solid release date yet for PS4 firmware 5.50, but now we do know what main features are coming and they are as follows:

  • Play Time Management – For parents and guardians to set play time limits for children. It also allows for time limits to be set on the PlayStation app and log users out of the console when a time limit has been set.
  • Input Custom Wallpapers via USB – Allows for even greater accessibility when it comes to choosing the right wallpaper for your console.
  • Tournament Team Page Customization – For serious online players, you can now import a custom logo via USB to display in the Tournament page for everyone to see.
  • Library UI improvements – Added This PS4 and PS Plus sections to make navigating through content even easier.
  • Quick Menu Enhancements¬†
  • Delete Notifications option – A big request from the community! Now you will be able to delete all of those old and pointless notifications that you don’t ever want to see again.
  • PS Now Background music
  • PS4 Pro ‘Supersampling Mode’ – Added graphics boost on certain games for those using PS4 Pro but don’t have a 4K TV.

Those are all of the confirmed PS4 5.50 features so far by Sony. If there are any others not mentioned yet or announced, we will add them here in the coming days.

Let us know your thoughts on the feature list for this major PS4 update, which new features are you most happy with and is there something else which Sony has missed that you want to see?



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