Nintendo Labo Robot, Variety Kit best price for UK

If you still need to pre-order Nintendo Labo in the UK, we have had a look around and think we may have the best price for the two main packages saving you quite a lot of money.

As most of you know, Nintendo Labo will be released on April 27 in the UK. Nintendo has set official retail prices of £69.99 for the Robot Kit and £59.99 for the Variety Kit, with a Customization pack also available for £9.99.

However if you look around, you can already find these packages available for a lower price and it looks like is the place to go.

At the time of writing they are offering the following discounted prices:

We haven’t seen prices which are lower than this, so it’s really a nice deal if you are still needing to pre-order one of the hottest products of 2018.

Have you seen a better deal elsewhere? Let us know in the comments section.



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