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2019 iPhone with Diamond display could be ‘unbreakable’

We could have a very exciting iPhone preview to bring you now, with a look into the future as there are already some exciting 2019 iPhone rumors to bring you now with regards to a major change in display screen technology.

If rumors are to be believed, we may see the first iPhone with diamond display technology in 2019. This is according to an article published by CNET, who say that one company called Akhan are already working with one phone maker to test the viability of diamond screen smartphones.

The technology would work in a way in which the diamond materials could be combined with existing display tech such as Gorilla Glass to make it one of the most durable displays on the market.

Those of you who have experienced the painful blow of cracking your iPhone screen will know how much of a boost these diamond displays would be, if this idea comes to fruition.

While diamond displays could make the iPhone 2018 near unbreakable, it could also drive up the cost once again as we all know that with new technology comes greater prices.

What are your thoughts on using diamond displays in an iPhone, would you buy one if it meant protection from slight drops to the ground?



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