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New 2018 iPad specs with Face ID, custom chips

We have some good news for iPad lovers now, as we have heard new rumors this week suggesting that Apple will release new 2018 iPad models this Fall.

There is a lot of excitement regarding Apple’s next iPad refresh as it could be coming with a significantly different design, to incorporate new technology such as Face ID and the same TrueDepth camera that is featured on the iPhone X.

Bloomberg has published a new report stating that the next iPad will also likely include an Apple-designed graphics engine and AI chip.

Is this going to be the year when we finally get the true ‘edge-to-edge’ iPad along with Apple being able to skip the notch from the iPhone X, which would undoubtedly be a massive hit with owners if it happens?

[concept from iDropNews]

If Face ID arrives, then we are assuming that it will also come with the complete Emoji package that has taken iPhone X users by storm and it could be a big selling point when translated to the bigger iPad display.

What other 2018 iPad specs would you need to see personally though to convince you into a purchase? We know that the price won’t be cheap, so let us know your thoughts on the upcoming new iPad below in our discussion section.



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