Monster Hunter World: How to claim free Celebration Pack

It gets even better for Monster Hunter World players today, as Capcom has decided to celebrate a sales milestone by giving every single player a free DLC pack.

This is going to be the Celebration Pack and it is to coincide with 5 million sales of the game since launch.

We can see that there’s some confusion though as to how to actually get the pack as many players are saying that they can’t find it in their game.

How to claim the Monster Hunter Celebration Pack:

To get it, you simply need to pick it up from the normal login bonus screen. We know some of you have been trying to get it from the Palico Housekeeper, but you’ll need to get it from the login bonus screen instead.

It’s also important to note that Capcom has said that this pack will be rolling out in waves, and may not be available to everyone instantly – so you need to be patient for it to arrive.

The pack can only be claimed once per account so let us know if you have seen it appear on your game yet or if you are still waiting.



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