iPhone 6S price in India after manufacturing breakthrough

We have some good news for Apple fans in India now as it looks like Apple are preparing to put the final steps on expanding manufacturing in the country, with the iPhone 6S likely to be the next model to be assembled in India, according to Reuters.

At the moment, only the iPhone SE is built in the country, with consumers having to import newer models and pay higher prices than what they may be comfortable with.

Having the iPhone 6S built directly in India will give consumers another option of a premium smartphone and have it available at an official price point.

It also means that buyers won’t need to flock to the likes of Amazon and Flipkart to buy their iPhones, so it’s going to be a fantastic move if the reports are true.

As an iPhone lover living in India, would you be happy if the iPhone 6S becomes available officially and would you be satisfied with a two year old model compared to the iPhone 8 and X?

Let us know your thoughts on this below.



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