Pokemon Go Gen 3 Update with list of 23 new Pokemon

By Alan Ng - Jan 25, 2018

There has been another major update to Pokemon Go this week and if you haven’t gathered all the information yet, we now have the full list of 23 new Pokemon from Gen 3 which have been added from the popular Hoenn region to the game.

Players have been making new discoveries all week, frantically trying to find out which of the 23 from the Hoenn region have made it.

Sadly, the likes of Deoxys is still unavailable until further notice, but there are some interesting additions for the January 2018 rollout.

You can see the full list above in visual format thanks to LeekDuck and many of you will be pleased to see that Aggron is available too – likely to be one of the highly sought after Gen 3 Pokemon this month.

We can also confirm that Shiny Aggron is available too as a few players have already had the luck to encounter shiny Aron in the wild.

Are you happy with this latest release? Let us know what other Gen 3 Pokemon you are waiting to see next, as there are not many left now!

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