Samsung Galaxy S9 feature revealed early

By Alan Ng - Jan 23, 2018

Everyone is hyped for the upcoming announcement for the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. The launch is expected to happen in February, but before that it looks like we have our first confirmed Galaxy S9 feature to tell you about.

It’s no surprise, but it’s nice to see one feature that we definitely know will be coming when the device is available to buy.

Thanks to certification documents revealed over in Brazil, it looks like the Galaxy S9 will be supporting both Wireless and Fast Charging features.

Since the S8 also had these on board, it is no surprise to see that the successor will follow but we can’t wait to see what other delights lie in store for when the S9 is officially announced.

What features are you personally hoping to see? Let us know your best ideas and check back soon for more Galaxy S9 news.

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