Nintendo Switch Emulator Yuzu release update

For those that love explore the full capabilities of their gaming console, there has been a major breakthrough on the Nintendo Switch Emulator scene with confirmation that the system has just been cracked by the Yuzu team.

The Yuzu Nintendo Switch Emulator is now a reality and it has been brought to the world by the same group of developers that handled the Citra Nintendo 3DS open-source emulator.

For those that had dreams of running some homebrew applications on their Nintendo Switch and customizing their home screen with all kinds of crazy widgets – this is the first step indeed.

Confirmation of the feat can be seen in the Tweet above, with the tease that more information will be coming soon with regards to how you will be able to download the Nintendo Switch Yuzu Emulator to try it out yourself.

For now, we will keep you updated on progress of this. Leave a comment if you would love to customize your console more and the type of things you would love to do using this emulator.



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