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Apple MacBook battery life duration under scrutiny

After the ongoing dramas surrounding iPhone battery life and Apple’s statement about older devices slowing down, we can see that there is increased scrutiny with many MacBook users now noticing higher battery drain on their laptops.

In particular, many users have taken to MacBook support groups and also Apple’s official Community to complain that MacBooks are shutting down after having been placed in sleep mode with battery draining at a higher rate than usual.

MacBook Pros are designed to last for days on standby mode, but as you can see from this particular thread here one user has woken up to a loss of 30% battery life after being fully charged before entering sleep mode – an issue that was first supported months ago but continues to be an issue on Mac version 10.13.2 as of December 2017.

How is your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air battery life performance now and have you noticed any significant increased battery drain when in standby or sleep mode?

Let us know your thoughts on this below if you are starting to get worried that it may be a deeper problem rather than a battery replacement that is needed.



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